PayWindow 2007

PayWindow 2007

Celebrating over 20 years of creating payroll software, PayWindow 2005 follows a long line of easy to use payroll packages starting with ZPAY, then ZPAY 3 and PayWindow. Starting with the easy to see exactly what happens view like below, when you click that Pay button. The calculations are seen right on the screen so you get a preview immediately.

It comes with the Federal and State tax tables included and you can actually edit them yourself as shown below. These images may be a little small and you can click on them to view the full size images.

And the report center has reports galore! You will find in the report center:

  • Portrait and Landscape employee reports
  • Employer's totals report
  • Cost accounting reports
  • Check printing
  • Check register
  • Wage reports for Month, Quarter and Year to Date
  • Tax liability report
  • Actually prints a real 941 form report
  • Actually prints a real 943 form report
  • Print W2 and W3 Forms and 1099-MISC forms for non-employee workers
  • Payroll history reports
  • Employee mailing labels, lists and pay envelope labels
  • Even exports for GL importing and other programs
  • Pay your employees automatically with a true ACH file to send to your bank
  • Standard Checks and Forms designed around Deluxe Forms where you can get a 20% discount off of your first order from them

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PayWindow 2007


PayWindow 2007

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